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A Unique Chance to Engage Your Employees to Act as One for A Cause

Looking for ways to foster a cohesive endeavor that all of your employees can "feel good" about?

Now may be the time for a group corporate effort!  Join other pharmaceutical companies that are doing the same.

Mwebale! (Greetings!)

Pregnant mothers and their babies in Africa are dying or suffering

1 out of every 5 pregnant women in Uganda is undernourished.  

Babies born to mothers who received no prenatal care are 3 times more likely to be born at low birth weight - and 5 times more likely to die - than those whose mothers received prenatal care.

Many children die before they reach 5 years old.

Too little folate, not enough vitamins or trace elements and overall healthcare education to protect themselves and their unborn children.  Oftentimes certain foods are simply not available for the 9 months of pregnancy.  

AIM intends to provide the resources for medical education necessary to help deal with with this major catastrophe

AIM is NOT Unicef, or United Way, for example.  We are an independent, audited 501 c.3. located in NJ, USA. AIM is NOT a one-and-done solution.  AIM provides accreditation to medical professionals for lifelong learning.

Think smaller!

AIM is endorsed by Ambassador Perezi Kamunanwire, Health Minister, Dr. Bernard Kiwanuka, and the 3rd Secretary from the United Nations, Robert Mugimba, as well as pharmaceutical executives in the United States.

Your company can join for FREE.  It only takes some coordination.

The Benefits... Besides Doing What's Right

A crowd funding program that is powered by Johnson & Johnson has been developed and The African Institute for Medical Education (AIM) has been chosen to be a participant.  


The Process - Individuals

How it works for individuals - Any person may contribute any amount that suits their budget as part of an overall program or as individuals by going to the crowdfunding site or AIM site.  Credit cards, PayPal and Checks (for the AIM site) may be used.

The Process - Corporations & Individuals

For companies, corporations, institutes or individuals donating at at various levels achieve the following benefits.  Corporations contributing as a whole can participate as follows:

Corporations may contribute lump sums of money that suits their budgets...


Develop a corporate program that reaches out to your company's employees to engage them to participate:

  • Using emails
  • Public relations
  • And other means

Once any of the following levels are reached your company will receive:

  • Bronze Level - $1000 – 2 plaques for the office or home
  • Silver Level - $5,000 – 3 plaques and an 2 official AIM desktop awards
  • Gold Level - $10,000 – 5 plaques and 5 official AIM desktop awards 
  • Platinum Level - $20,000 - $30,000 – 10 plaques and 10 official AIM desktop awards
  • Diamond Level - Above $30,000 - 10 plaques and 10 official AIM desktop awards AND an expenses paid (up to $5,000) trip to Uganda for one person to participate in, and implement a training program (you choose the individual). 

ALL corporate contributors will receive recognition in the AIM newsletter that will be distributed to nearly 3,000 Linkedin contacts that includes:

  • Presidents and senior management and middle management at pharma companies
  • Presidents and senior management and middle management at ad agencies
  • Prime Ministers and senior government officials - and Kings - in several African countries

How it works for corporations and institutions: 

  1. AIM has posted its medical education program on the J&J crowdfunding site - and on the AIM site.  
  2. The Human Resources department for your company shares the program highlights with your employees.
  3. Employees decide whether they would like to contribute, and much they can - or want afford.
  4. Employees can donate directly to A) AIM on its website or B) use the crowdfunding website.
  5. AIM posts its contributors on its website and shares the information with J&J and other companies participating in the program.
  6. Finally, implementation of plaques, awards and other benefits are coordinated with the corporation or institution.


  • ALL corporate contributors will be recognized in Facebook and Twitter - with their approval.
  • ALL individuals and corporate contributors are listed on the AIM website - with their approval.
  • AIM can supply the language, if necessary, that your company can use to communicate with your employees.
  • AIM will supply corporate contributors with access to any photographs to be used for public relations purposes (certain photos left up to the discretion of AIM).

AIM is flexible.  If you would like to discuss other programs more suitable to your organization's vision, please contact us at or

Help us... help them... help themselves.


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